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Santino's Pizza
Santino's Pizza
2 Main St
Oakfield, NY, 14125
(585) 948-5266


10am - 10pm


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Dakota Marasco on Jun, 13, 2019

Love their pizzas. Drive 15 miles to Oakfield just for the pizza.
Cheryl Hellert on Dec, 29, 2016

Best pizza in the area. LOVE it. Wings are excellent, hodge podge is very good. I drive to Oakfield just to get it.
Jean Boldt on Dec, 29, 2016

Your pizza is the best in genesee county.
Kathryn Herniman on Dec, 28, 2016

Small Pizza, wings and a one liter special was delicious. Plenty for 4 people. Will be back soon
Margaret Patterson on Dec, 18, 2016

A great place to stop for a slice of pizza.
Howard Owens on Dec, 13, 2016


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