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D & R Depot Restaurant
D & R Depot Restaurant
63 Lake Street
Le Roy, NY, 14482
(585) 768-6270


Monday	7AM–9PM
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.The D & R Depot Restaurant is still the place to gather - but nowadays people come from far and near to enjoy homemade cooking, to be pampered with attentive servers, to sit back, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere and the company.

D&R Depot in Le Roy switches to New York-exclusive wine list

Original Source: The Batavian

Originally published in The Batavian February 14, 2010

A couple of years ago the wine distributor for D&R Depot Restaurant in Le Roy convinced Sean Valdes that he should drop his dream of serving only New York-produced wines.

New York wines are too seasonal, he said. They would be too hard to keep in stock.The wine list would always be changing.

Then about six months ago, another distributor, one based in Batavia, came by and Valdes mentioned his desire to stock only New York wines. This distributor listened and agreed to work with Valdes on coming up a suitable wine list.

"We figured out that we could do year-around reds and year-around whites from New York," Valdes said. "New York wines are seasonal, so we choose larger vineyards and different choices that we could get all year around, but ones that wouldn't be so different -- not the peaches and the apricots -- not my crowd. Pretty much the standards."

And as of Wednesday, D&R Depot is the only restaurant, according to Valdes, outside of the Finger Lakes or Albany, to serve only New York wines.

"Champagne only comes from a certain region of France, otherwise it's sparkling wine, so even our sparking wine is from New York State. It's Goose Watch," Valdes said.

So why go to an all New York wine list? Valdes' answer:

"First, New York has some great wines. We focus on Finger Lakes, but there's a winery in this area. Long Island has a lot of wineries. There's even some in the Adirondacks. I think it's a neat thing. It's a niche market. It's always good to be local and it's what we strive for anyway, so this is a neat thing to fit in with that. And they're different. Even the riesling that you get from New York has a little bit different flavor than you would get from California or France or Australia. It's something different to offer our customers and it's been a big hit so far."

Some of the wines on the list include Fox Run Chardonnay from Penn Yan, Glenora Riesling from Dundee, Thirsty Owl Diamond from Ovid, Brotherhood Pinot Noir from Washingtonville, Heron Hill Game Bird Red from Hammondsport and Knapp Superstition from Romulus.

Pictured above with a selection of their wines are Valdes and Nancy Nickerson.

Total: 5

Good food, nice place to eat.
Steven Pagano on Jan, 11, 2017

The food is very good and the atmosphere is awesome.
Gary DuBoise on Dec, 30, 2016

they have the best fish fry around, beautiful little restaurant. they will be catering our christmas luncheon at work, should be awesome
Penny Hogan on Dec, 14, 2016

Nostalgic atmosphere and awesome food. Try the coconut french toast, it's the best!
Susan Walf on Dec, 13, 2016

We love the atmosphere and friendly service of D&R Depot, and it's an especially fun place around the holidays. The food is always top quality. We love the french soup (and all the soups) and the spinach salad. Always great main courses.
Howard Owens on Dec, 13, 2016


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