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Godfrey's Pond
Godfrey's Pond
7916 Godfrey's Pond Road
Bergen, NY, 14416
(585) 815-1545



The Genesee County Fish & Game Protective Association has twice received the distinction of being named the outstanding conservation club in New York State in recognition of our many programs and accomplishments. Members can take pride in being part of this fine organization.

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Family members have been going to Godfrey pond for a very long time. It's a nice little get-a-way where you don't have to drive far. It's beautiful and peaceful.
Gary DuBoise on Jan, 8, 2017

We became members here last year, and we just love it! So many family activities! We actually convinced two friends to get memberships also. Anytime we bring friends with our passes they are amazed with how much there is to do. It is ran off of volunteers and they keep it clean, fun and friendly.
Erin Ferguson on Dec, 14, 2016


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