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Waste Management
Waste Management
1661 Mt. Read Blvd
Rochester, NY, 14606
(585) 647-5253


Hours not available.

Your Committed Partner Waste Management works with communities like yours to create a safe, sustainable environment. Our trucks and people are on your streets every day, working to keep your community clean. We've got you covered. With a range of environmental solutions, Waste Management is your provider for keeping your business green. CURBSIDE PICKUP Recycling Pickup Waste Pickup Yard & Food Waste Pickup Food and Organic Waste Pickup Bulk Waste Pickup PORTABLE STORAGE PACK-RAT™Units DUMPSTERS & BAGSTER BAG Dumpster Temporary Service The Bagster®Bag LEARN MORE OTHER SERVICES Landfill & Facilities RECYCLE BY MAIL Batteries CFLs and Fluorescent Tubes Syringes and Lancets Electronic Recycling

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