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Hodgins Engraving
3817 West Main Street
Batavia, NY, 14020
(800) 666-8950


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our capabilities... The print is the end result. The work that goes into planning, ordering, proofing, mailing, inventorying, assembling and managing your project is the stuff that makes it a success. Here are some of the things we do to make it happen: Mailing & Fulfillment No need to ship your campaign print materials to a mail house – we have the capability to process mailings so you can keep your job under one roof. Our inventory and fulfillment services are a great way to gain efficiencies of quantity without having to store skids of print material on your premises or pay someone else to do it. We manage inventory and fulfillment at no extra charge for any item we print. Go ahead, double, triple, quadruple your run, and let us store what you don’t need delivered today! We also inventory customer owned stock for special print projects, as well as pick-and-pack fulfillment items that you may wish to kit together with printed items. Online Ordering When you streamline your ordering process you reduce “sales friction” and the result is more sales, deeper relationships, and improved productivity. Our online ordering systems can be tailored to your specifications so your customer only sees YOU. An efficient e-commerce storefront designed to present the proper mix of products for your customers to buy – so you focus your efforts on nurturing the relationship. PDF and Production Proofing Customers love it when they can see what they’re getting… before they commit to the order. With our PDF and production proofing capabilities you can put the responsibility in the hands of your customer to create, review and approve their order. This results in fewer production problems and fewer unhappy customers. Bid & Proposal Assistance We can help you win more business by giving you the benefit of our printing and production expertise. Our behind-the-scenes technical assistance involves more than just providing a quote for manufacturing cost, but is tailored to fit the needs of each opportunity. We provide assistance with logistics, bid response requirements, delivery and artwork requirements, or anything else that comes up. When it comes to landing large projects, we are so much more than the manufacturer you simply send a purchase order to. We are your partner in success. Presentation & Marketing Kits for You… Or Your Client! You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Let us arm you with the most appropriate, dynamic samples and materials you need to walk into a presentation or client consultation - well-equipped to ‘seal the deal’. Our samples and materials will be sent to you without any Hodgins Engraving branding attached. We will work with you to put together the right combination of marketing materials for the project at hand. Project Management and Support for Branding Companies that have gone through a re-branding know that often times there are unplanned delays, unexpected challenges, or last minute changes that throw them a curveball during an already stressful time. Our goal as your production partner is to provide all the assistance we possibly can to avoid these stressors ahead of time and mitigate them when they do occur. Often times we are the last step in a months-long – or even years-long - process that has been through design, budgeting, corporate approvals, and logistics. We now have the important job of making all of that hard work come together. Let our experience help YOUR re-branding experience be as pain-free as it can be! Die Making Hodgins Engraving started in business as a die maker for the printing trade. Over the years we have become a full service trade supplier, but die making is where it all starts. Many specialty printers and manufacturers across the country rely on us for their daily requirements of plates and dies. We use the latest technology to manage your files, image films, etch and finish your dies. For details on how our plate and die making capabilities are just another example of how we provide "More ways to make YOU look good",

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