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Pub Coffee Hub
Pub Coffee Hub
56 Harvester Avenue
Batavia, NY, 14020
(323) 484-3482


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Your full-service cafe on wheels! Featuring locally-roasted coffee and espresso. Not to mention resurrecting our famous hot chocolate and other non-coffee drinks. Also offering fresh baked goods from Greg'ry's Bakery in Bergen and some incredible lunches. Coffee Espresso Cappuccino Americano Red Eye / Black Eye Latte Mocha Cafe Au Lait Hot Chocolate Chai Tea Latte Hot Tea Pour Over Coffee French Press Coffee Breakfast Sandwiches Bakery fresh roll with real egg, american cheese, and bacon Fresh Baked Goods from Greg’ry’s Bakery in Bergen, NY Scones | Muffins | Coffee Cake | Cookies | Homemade Baklava BAGELS Plain | Everything | Cinnamon Raisin | Rosemary Sea Salt Cream Cheese | Butter | Peanut Butter TOMATO BISQUE A decadent blend of tomatoes, cream, and seasoning CHICKEN SANDWICH Shredded baked chicken soaked in Frank’s Red Hot atop a toasted 8” Costanzo roll with homemade blue cheese dressing and diced celery BEEF SANDWICH Deli sliced, medium-roasted strip steak submerged in homemade au jus on a toasted 8” Costanzo roll with caraway salt and PubHub dressing VEGGIE SANDWICH 8” Costanzo roll filled with a vegetable medley of carrot, green onion, cucumber, and celery. Topped with homemade tahini dressing

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