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G-S Plastic Optics
408 St. Paul St.
Rochester, NY, 14605
(585) 449-9106


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GS Plastic Optics is part of the Germanow-Simon Corporation, which was founded in 1916 in Rochester, NY. Starting as a small machine shop, the company quickly grew to become a major supplier of replacement watch crystals made of plastic. During the 1930s G-S Corp purchased Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company and developed this division to become a leading supplier of bimetal thermometers. GS Plastic Optics was established in the late 1970s. Building upon its internal expertise in plastic injection molding and plastics processing developed over many years, GS Plastic Optics soon became a leader in the new technology of molded optics. Today, GS Plastic Optics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of custom manufactured precision plastic optics. Associate Company Our associate company is Tel Tru Manufacturing Company. Tel-Tru offers instrumentation products such as Bimetal Thermometers, Digital Thermometers, Temperature and Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Gauges and Accessory products, that are designed and manufactured for worldwide distribution to sanitary, industrial, OEM, HVAC, and food service markets. Location Germanow-Simon Corporation is a campus of buildings in downtown Rochester, NY. All plastic optics manufacturing takes place in the fully integrated 15,000 square foot manufacturing plant. GS Plastic Optics consists of approximately 40 employees, nine of whom make up the engineering team. Get Answers One of our GS Plastic Optics engineers will work closely with you to learn more about your projects specific technical needs.

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