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Waters Basement Services
Waters Basement Services
10481 Mill Road
Medina, NY, 14103
(585) 765-3369


Hours not available.

We are a basement waterproofing company that provides real solutions to eliminate damp, musty, wet basements. About Waters Basement Services, Inc. Bob and Darlene wanted to change the image of the contractor that was here today and gone tomorrow. They run their business with honesty, trustworthiness, and ethics. They are contractors with good old fashioned values and provide their customers with quality work backed by excellent services at a reasonable price. Bob and Darlene pride themselves in educating homeowners on causes of moisture and water issues in basements. Waters Basement Services give their customers options that allow them to reclaim the value of their home, allowing them to use their basement space efficiently. Waters Basement Services assists customers as partners, helping them achieve their basement goals.

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