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Pembroke Behavioral Health
860 Main Street
Corfu, NY, 14036
(585) 599-6446


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When you are considering treatment for your mental health needs such as anxiety management or overcoming childhood trauma and self doubt, you need to consider who is out there that can empathize with you and provide insight and perspective that aligns with your future goals and aspirations. Whether you are a pre-teen of an elder adult you are looking for someone who has experience with multiple phases of life and will listen and validate your concerns and ideas. As an Licensed Mental Health Counselor with 10 years experience, I have worked with every age and disorder including dual diagnosis work. I am a consult to an addictions treatment program and provide mental health services designed to address the specific needs of clients with co-occurring disorders. I believe we all struggle at times with feeling uncertain and sad but I also know that when a healthy therapeutic relationship develops great things can be imaged and accomplished.

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